Online color measurement by GretagMacbeth

GretagMacbeth GmbH has become X-Rite GmbH in September 2012 but the team is still the same. X-Rite, previously GretagMacbeth is the world leading company in color measurement. The team in Martinsried near Munich, Germany, is specialized to measure the color online, directly on the production machine. This helps the machine operators to control the production machine efficiently related to the product color.

With the online color measurement a fast machine start can be realized and even transmission times are typically done in half of the time required manually. A closed loop color control executes automatic shade changes. It takes the workload off the operators, especially during the busy times at start up and shade / grade change. The mathematical calculation of the closed loop color control takes the “guess work” out of the process. The right amount of colorants is exactly calculated.

X-Rite, previously GretagMacbeth helps to reduce waste and increase quality with online color measurement on the production machine. Special solutions are provided for the following Markets:


To measure color, whiteness, brightness and opacity just before reel up. The closed loop color control automatically adjusts the dye pumps to keep the color of the finished product constant. (read more)

Coated Glass:

The color is measured directly after the sputtering process of glass panes with functional layers. With the ERX56 we even can measure 3 angles from 330 nm to 1000 nm with a real optical resolution of 1 nm. (read more)

Coil Coating:

Color and Gloss are measured with a traversing beam in cross direction after coating the metal coil. With a special thermochromism control the measured color values of the hot coil are transferred to room temperature. (read more)


The color of carpets, denim and web based products is measured either single point or in cross direction with a traversing beam. (read more)


From the beginning of the production chain up to the end the color of plastic products needs to be controlled. Starting from compounds to films, solid and transparent sheets, multi-wall sheets or extruded profiles a various number of instruments ensure a stable online color measurement. (read more)


The CarFlash allows a non-contact color measurement with 4 different angles (multi-geometry) directly on the production line. Whole car bodies as well as supply parts like bumpers need to be color controlled carefully. (read more)

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